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Welcome to the Innocent Bystander Careers Hub. We’re moving into a new home (we call it IB HQ), and we’re hiring bystanders.

Our brand new Innocent Bystander HQ is so close to opening. We’re pretty pumped about it. And a new IB needs a new IB hospitality team to go with it, to deliver that Yarra Valley heart-and-soul experience to locals and visitors alike.

Who we’re looking for in general: team players, with a great attitude, who are truly passionate about this awesome region, and about hospitality…and wine…and beer and food…oh and coffee!

Who we’re looking for specifically: people who can manage wine tastings, serve at our bar, wait and serve great food, make a great coffee, and share our love of wine in a chilled out playful way.

Most importantly, we’re looking for people who really ‘get’ hospitality, and understand what goes into truly great, effortless customer experiences.

This place is always going to be buzzing (and to be honest, it’ll get pretty crazy on weekends), so if you’ve got experience that matches any of our vacancies, we want you to bring your skills our way and apply now.

Current Vacancies

The below roles are now OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS. Just click on the job you want and follow the prompts to apply.

Chefs and Cooks wanted!

Our amazing new kitchen needs available chefs and pizza cooks in the market NOW to bring ito life!  If you understand the importance of great team work and thrive on the buzz of a busy and popular 7 day a week venue, we’d love to hear from you. 

Apply now.

Visitor Experience Managers

When visitors arrive at our brand new IB, we need some amazing hosts to make them feel right at home & help manage their IB experience!

Apply now.

Head Chef - Kitchen Manager

Want to keep your Chef passion alive but also want to pair it with a great country lifestyle (and wine)?  We’ve got you covered at the new IB.

Apply now.

Restaurant Manager

Got some great duty manager or supervisor experiences under your belt but keen on working in an amazing new venue in 2017?  Take a seat at IB please!

Apply now.

Wine and Food Team Members

We need passionate and proactive hospitality staff to work in our new restaurant.  Specifically, we need people who can manage wine tastings, serve at our bar, wait and serve food, make a great coffee and most of all, people who know how to provide an “Amazing Customer Experience” whatever your position is.  Boredom is unlikely to exist here, it’s going to be an exciting and busy venue, so if you have experience in any of these areas – we want you to APPLY and bring it to the new IB! 

Apply now.

Application and recruitment process.

 Bar Supervisor

We need passionate and proactive hospitality staff to work in our new restaurant. Specifically, we need some awesome and experienced, even 'cool' bar staff who can take care of our drink service delivery and help us become renowned for our service levels! If you have some solid experience managing a Bar or would like to be a key team member in this area of our new home, we want you to APPLY and get the chance at joining the new IB!

Apply now.

'Cellar Door' Wine Tastings Lead and Team Members

We need an experienced 'Cellar Door' Lead Staff Member, who can get to know our IB wines and products intimately and oversee a small team in this area of our new venue.  We need someone really great for this role!  They will be the go-to for our staff and customers alike when we need to answer those tricky wine-making and tasting questions and who can explain our products in a super friendly and knowledgeable way.

Apply now.

Lead Barista - 'CEO of Coffee'

We need passionate and proactive hospitality staff to work in our new restaurant.  Specifically, we are looking for an amazing Barista to take control of our customer's caffeine fixes and who understand how to provide an "Amazing Customer Experience".  Boredom is unlikely to exist here, it's going to be an exciting and busy venue, so if you have experience for this role – we want you to APPLY and bring it to the new IB!

Apply now.


FAQs (and some not so FAQs)

How much experience do I need to apply for a role at IB?

Realistically, you’ll need to be pretty confident with all the regular activity that takes place in a busy restaurant and bar, and you’ll need qualifications for some of our roles, so check the job ad first. We’ll look at all applications from people who have held a previous role in hospitality and/or the wine industry.

What hours and days will the new IB HQ be open and where would I be working?

Our new home is right next door to the current Giant Steps site and the Beechworth Bakery at 316 Maroondah Highway, Healesville – the old White Rabbit Brewery site. We’ll be open 7 days a week for coffee from 10am and for lunch and dinner services until 11pm at night, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to take up a variety of shifts.

Do I need to have worked for a winery or in the wine industry to be considered for a role at IB?

Nope. We get that there’s only a limited number of people with this experience and we’re happy to teach you about our wines and the industry if you have a passion for learning it. And trust us; it’s really cool and really interesting stuff. So long as you’ve got the right attitude, you should apply!

Do I need my RSA before I apply?

Ideally, yep, we need you to be accredited, but if you’re booked in to the course soon then let us know in your cover letter or CV and we can still consider you – we get that timing for these things can be tricky if you’re working or studying.

What if I can only work weekends – should I still apply?

Still apply and let’s look at your experience level and how you can best contribute. Ideally we want to utilise our team over the 7 day shifts and make our rosters fair for everyone.

How many roles are there?

We’ll have approximately 30+ Wine and Food Team Member roles (Front of House) available to service 150 people in our new venue. We would love to see as many talented applicants as possible. It’s a great opportunity for Yarra Valley locals to be a part of something right from the beginning. After all, you guys know your region best...

What if I can’t commence in February 2017?

Realistically, we need our starting crew in February!  But you’re welcome to apply and let us know when you CAN start so we have your details to consider at a later date.

I used to work for Innocent Bystander or Giant Steps – can I apply?

Um, yeah! That’d be awesome! If you’re keen to be a part of the NEW IB, then click apply. Feel free to let us know if you’ve been referred to the position by anyone in particular too – sharing is caring!

What is the hourly pay rate and conditions of employment at IB HQ?

We will always provide a fair pay scale and working conditions for our IB team. Our aim is for you to feel like you’re part of something a bit special, not just have another ‘job’ to clock in to. And we want you to feel recognised for your hard work and loyalty to what we do here. We will employ our staff under the relevant award, and pay rates will vary according to experience levels and duties undertaken per shift.

Other random items

At some point in the recruitment process we will check out your background and call your references at random – you know, to make sure if you’re actually the superstar we hope you are.

We’re going to need to see your birth certificate & drivers license OR your passport too, before we issue your contract.

We’ll also need a copy of your qualifications as listed on your CV and that are relevant to the role you’re applying for – it’s a great idea to include these as the final pages of your CV and submit them as par t of your application online – then it’s done.

What about diversity at IB HQ?

IB is a place that will attract a diverse group of employees from different backgrounds with different needs – which makes it a great place to work! If you have any special requirements or needs in order to work at IB HQ, please let us know how we can help.

Not sure whether to APPLY?

Click the apply button – what’s the worst thing that can happen! ;)
It’s easy for us to tell if you’re a match once we have your CV in front of us – you can follow up with an email or phone call from there to find out how likely you are to progress.

Got a question that’s not answered here?

If you have a specific question that’s not answered here, just email us at: careers@innocentbystander.com.au.

Provide your phone number and we’ll get back to you super fast. Promise.