Who's the man

Why Innocent Bystander?

He was a guy who was tired of the pretension and waffle around wine. He enjoyed a (really) great drop and wanted to make wines that showed off the styles he loved. He didn’t buy into all the BS about what wine ‘should’ be and chose to take a different stance, that of the innocent bystander.

It was this simple idea that brought innocent bystander to the Yarra Valley, a region with a cool climate and a fantastic wine history, way back in the noughties. From there, the rest is history. Innocent Bystander wines have won a swag of awards over the years, consistently delivering exceptional quality, our hospitality is legendary and we’ve always stayed true to the philosophy of making awesome and accessible wines perfect for sharing.

Innocent Bystander Winemaking
Innocent Bystander Wine Yarra Valley
Innocent Bystander Tempranillo

No Heroes

You won’t find any heroes and egos here, just a bunch of folks who love their wine… Sean tends the vines and our beloved growers, he’s fond of a cheeky cider too. Geoff, Joel, Tom and Katherine get the job done in the winery – these guys are a nightmare if they don’t get a coffee to start the day. Mat, Dix, Hugo and the rest of the team make sure we get the wines in a glass and into your hands.
If you can’t get to Healesville to say hi, you might find us at a tasting in a town near you sometime soon. If you do, come and have a chat about wine, the Yarra Valley winery, pizza or whatever else takes your fancy. Cheers!