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The Yarra Valley is our home and Pinot Noir is our heart and soul.

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Making seriously delicious wines that we love to share

At Innocent Bystander our passion for sharing seriously good wine – not too seriously – unites us. There’s nothing we love more, than to rise above the noise and bring some joy to wine’s all-too-sober conversations.

We make the wines we love to drink and share, from delectable Pinot Noir to effervescent Moscato, starting every vintage with the finest grapes from our home in the Yarra Valley and beyond. From here, the serious winemaking bit is easy. Gentle coercion in open fermenters or lazy days maturing in barrel, we treat each parcel of fruit individually to draw out its unique character.

Our wines can be found across the globe, but if you want the full Innocent Bystander experience then come by our place in Healesville. It’s a bar, a restaurant and your home away from home, serving our full range of wines along with shared dishes, wood-fired pizza, paella and other tasty treats. Here our wine isn’t the centre of attention, you are!

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Aaaaaand we’re back* after a brief hiatus from dine-in services.
To all you wonderful people who have bookings from Thursday this week, you are still booked in and we can’t wait to see you. To those of you looking for an impromptu weekend trip, our doors will be open daily from 12-8:30pm tomorrow for tastings, drinks, meals and good times.
*Cue Moscato popping noise.
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Iso-hungry? IBHQ is still open for all your takeaway wining and dining needs, 12-8pm weekends, and 4:30-8pm, weekdays. 

Yes, the sun is shining, and yes, we'd rather be sharing a Moscato Granita in our Garden of Innocence, but you can still treat yo'self to a little weekday decadence with some IB pizza, paella and tasty treats.

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Just like Romeo and Juliet, our hopes to see you this weekend have been dashed.

In compliance with the Victorian lockdown, IBHQ will be closed for dine-in from midnight tonight. We’ll still be open for takeaway and wine sales, so you can get your hands on some delicious pizza, paella and tasty treats through our online ordering system or by giving us a call.

We’re hopeful that this will be short and sharp, and are planning to open up on Thursday next week, lockdown permitting. 

Heads up, glasses full and masks on - we’ll get through this. 

At Innocent Bystander, we’re not precious about how people enjoy wine. 

We don’t mind if you put ice in your rosé, apple slices in your Pinot Gris or prefer Moscato out of a granita machine – you do you so long as you enjoy yourself.

The tasty creations you see before you are available at our Cellar Door, but hit us up if you'd like the recipe!

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Everything coming up Rosé(s). We’re proud so announce that the 2020 Innocent Bystander Rosé won a silver medal at the 2020 Yarra Valley Wine Show. 100% early harvested Noir from the Yarra Valley come together with a little winemaking magic to create this crisp, fresh and succulent drop. Be sure to grab a bottle before it’s all gone!

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