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IBHQ open 11am - 4pm Wednesday & Thursday | 11am - Late every other day Book Now

Making Seriously Delicious Wines We Love To Share


Our wines are approachable characters. Smooth? Yes. Bright? Sometimes. Uncouth? Never.

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Our wines are best enjoyed with good company and great food, so we crafted our menu with sharing in mind.


Innocent Bystander brings joy to wine’s all-too-sober conversations.

You won’t find any heroes and egos here, just a bunch of folks who love sharing seriously good wine in a not-so-serious way; wine that's approachable, exciting, and damn delicious. And best paired with food and friends. Our spiritual home in Healesville, Yarra Valley, is an urban cellar door, vineyard, restaurant and bar all wrapped in one, located just an hour out of Melbourne. Here our wine isn’t the centre of attention, you are.

Innocent Bystander launches new Masterbrand campaign, and invites you to come play.

The best things can be found in the shadows — things others might overlook. This is where the magic lives... the hidden, the unknown, the extraordinary. It is in these dimly lit corners that creativity flourishes, ideas take shape, and ingenuity is born. It is here that we embrace the unconventional — ideas that challenge the status quo and push boundaries, a canvas where imagination can run wild. And by daring to explore the shadows, we open ourselves up to a world of infinite possibilities.