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Innocent Bystander launches a new Masterbrand campaign, and invites you to come play

Wed 22 Nov 2023

A group of friends enjoying food and wine at home

Come play in the shadows with Innocent Bystander.

A creative articulation of our brand DNA, ‘Come Play in the Shadows’ is Innocent Bystander’s latest media campaign sweeping across the eastern seaboard. It's a vibrant expression of who we are: a bridge between the bright, social world of wine enthusiasts and the sensible, overly serious traditions of the wine category. It's where curiosity thrives, and enjoyment takes center stage.

From November onwards, come play with us in-store, across YouTube and Meta, and Out of Home.

There's more to wine than sniffing, swirling, and sipping.

There's discovery and there's shareability — a creative space between the light world of wine socialisation, and the darker world of serious wine tradition. And Innocent Bystander fits firmly in between; a brand with built-in intrigue and natural curiosity.

...The best things can be found in the shadows — things others might overlook. This is where the magic lives... the hidden, the unknown, the extraordinary. It is in these dimly lit corners that creativity flourishes, ideas take shape, and ingenuity is born. It is here that we embrace the unconventional — ideas that challenge the status quo and push boundaries, a canvas where imagination can run wild. And by daring to explore the shadows, we open ourselves up to a world of infinite possibilities.

Our style of wine discovery is never dull.

It's unexpected and playful, and it brings people together in (always) unpretentious and (often) unpredictable ways. Our mantra has always been to make wines we love to drink and share, without the fuss and pretense. And yet whilst in hot pursuit of the light, we're not afraid of the dark. We welcome the unknown whilst redefining what wine discovery could and should be.

We don't hang our hats on accolades, we hang on to the 'fat Mat and Sam chewed over the dinner last night.

We lean into the unconventional.

Challenge the normal, the boring, the same-same.

Because great wine should be enjoyed, not endured.

This is where life gets interesting.

Come play in the shadows.

@ibwine #IBWine

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