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How we’re reducing our environmental footprint at Innocent Bystander

Tue 19 Apr 2022

At Innocent Bystander, we know wine is our thing, but we’re also making sure we’re working to reduce our environmental impact through various programs across our venue. 

When we talk about reducing our footprint, we’re talking about our Key Kegs, recycled cooking oil, solar power and refillable initiatives that allow us to create, pour and celebrate your favourite Innocent Bystander wines. 

Here’s exactly how we’re doing it. 

Key kegs are fully recyclable and reduce the volume of glass used at IBHQ significantly. While this technology is still relatively new, it means we can still serve our delicious wines, while ensuring we’re reducing our carbon footprint. 

In the kitchen, our 100% Australian cooking oil is picked up, cleaned, filtered and reused, which means we’re reducing transport costs and less wastage. 

We’ve installed a 82.4KW solar system on our roof which supplies up to 46% of the total electricity that fires up our venue over the year. While we’re crunching numbers, over the last year we’ve generated 80,500KW of power which offset 87K kilos of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting 2,900 trees. Something we’re super proud of. 

And here’s where you come in. If you’ve visited IBHQ recently, you would have noticed a few refillable bottles behind the bar. That’s our Refillable range and it’s where we reuse existing IB wine bottles, fully sterilising it and refilling it with any of our IB wines that we pour on tap. Not only can you contribute to making a difference but you get a nifty discount on the refill.

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