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Our Winemaking Guilty Pleasure

Thu 10 Jan 2019

Mea Culpa 2017 Syrah

Mea Culpa 2017 Syrah

While we generally steer well clear of the navel gazing snobbery of the wine world, with Mea Culpa we give over to passion, take an exceptional parcel of fruit and indulge in wine making debauchery to create a uniquely expressive wine.

This is not a wine that claims perfection, but a wine that delivers an expression of site, vintage and winemaking character. If indulging in your passion is a crime, then we are guilty as charged.

Enter, the Mea Culpa 2017 Syrah.

Remember picking berries as a kid, juice running down your chin, hands stained red? Now put that in a glass and gorge yourself on the intense flavours that glide across the palate, supported by bright, spicy notes to a smooth and satisfying afterglow.

The Mea Culpa will be available exclusively for bystanders through our website and at our cellar door in Healesville from the end of January.

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