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Rone’s Empire

Thu 21 Feb 2019

A takeover of epic proportions. 

Set amongst the decaying glory of deserted art deco mansion Burnham Beeches, Empire is one of Rone’s most ambitious takeovers yet. 

This hauntingly immersive installation has been a year in the making, with twelve spaces being transformed in the abandoned mansion that sits in the stunning Yarra Valley ranges. 

It’s a multi-sensory experience – part exhibition, part installation, part VR and AR experience. Now we don’t want to give too much away, but believe us when we say and unlike any other exhibition seen in Australia to date. 

Not complete without a glass of Innocent Bystander wine, a gin cocktail by our Neighbours Four Pillars, or a cold brew from Hargreaves Hill Thursday – Saturday. See you there. 

Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 6 March to Monday 22 April 
Location: Burnham Beeches, 1 Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke 
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