Get lost in the Yarra Valley with Innocent Bystander.

Our Innocent Bystander ‘shadow man’ has always been a central figure for us. He’s our unofficial figure-head and leads our approach to wine and life.

However, we’ve taken a different step as of late, and our ‘shadow man’ has broken away from the bottle to help you rediscover the side of you that became lost in the ordinary through an exploration into the surreal.

Each wine is uniquely different, like the landscapes from which they are sourced. The sweet, vibrant Moscato softly glides, while our Prosecco rises on a fine cloud of bubbles. Pinot Gris is as fresh as a summer shower and Pinot Noir speaks of the rich Yarra Valley soils

Curious? You’ll just have to grab a bottle of Innocent Bystander and see where it takes you.